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Terms and Conditions of Hire are shown below.

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1. A deposit of £50.00 will be payable at the time of confirmation of the booking and will not be refundable if the booking is subsequently cancelled. The booking is considered confirmed when the signed booking form has been returned with deposit.1. A deposit of £50.00 will be payable at the time of confirmation of the booking and will not be refundable if the booking is subsequently cancelled. The booking is considered confirmed when the signed booking form has been returned with deposit.

2. The invoice should be paid within 14 days of receipt unless arrangements are made for it to be paid be at the event.

3. Booking times should include setting up time before the event and access to the centre before the event for setting out the hall etc. will need to be arranged through Booking Officer.

4. Hiring includes use of chairs, tables and toilets and use of the kitchen for food preparation but not cooking unless payment has been made for cooking facilities. It does not include any electrical or sound equipment.

5. All drinks must be bought from the bar. Anyone bringing in drinks will be asked to leave the premises.

6. Damage The hirer will be responsible for any damage to property or persons however caused during the period of hire. KSCA is insured for any claims arising from its own negligence. It is recommended that hirers take out their own liability insurance.

7. Risk Assessment The hirer should carry out a risk assessment of the room(s) hired to ensure the premises are suitable for the planned activities, and to raise awareness of any potential risks to persons expected to attend the event, including children and adults at risk.

8. Fire Risk Heating and lighting remains under the control of Management during the period of hire. Lighted candles or any other naked flames are not permitted. The hirer should make themselves familiar with fire procedures and inform venue staff at the time of booking of any factor which involves extra fire risk.

9. Conduct The hirer will be responsible for the proper conduct of persons using the venue. The hirer will not hold events in the venue which support, condone or promote radicalisation, extreme ideology or terrorism.

10. Property The KSCA does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of property that are brought and left in the premises whilst the venue is being hired. All property belonging to the hirer or attendees shall be immediately removed from the premises at the conclusion of hire at their own cost. The KSCA Management accepts no responsibility for property or goods left on any part of the premises, the grounds or the car park.

11. Gambling of any kind is strictly prohibited.

12. Advertising (Fly) Posters  It is a breach of Local Government  Fly Posting legislation to put up posters to advertise your event unless you have obtained  temporary permission from District Council and/or County Council for using public space for this purpose.   If you do so without permission you are liable to being fined. The fine will be sent to you via the KSCA who will pass it on to you as you are responsible for where your posters are displayed and they are your property.

13. Karen Fray or a Management Officer will have the right of admission at all times without notice. Should a member of staff that opens for the venue, before the period of hire and commencement of the event, be of the opinion that it is likely to prove to be of an objectionable and undesirable character, they have full power to cancel the booking, return the hire fee and not to be liable for any compensation payment.

14. Karen Fray, her Assistant or a Management Officer present at any function held in the building has the authority to terminate the function in the event of any disturbance or violation of the terms of hire such as drunkenness and illegal drug taking, and may refuse entry to any person. 

15. The hirer agrees to make themselves aware of the fire exits, fire extinguishers, the means of calling the fire brigade and to ensure that the building is evacuated safely in the event of fire.

16. Groups All groups working with young people should have their own insurance and staff checks e.g. CRB checks. The venue accepts no responsibility for this and recommends that if you are unsure you seek appropriate advice.

17. The hirer accepts these terms and conditions on the basis that he/she  as named will be held fully responsible during the hire period.